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Janitorial Services in Alpharetta, Johns Creek and Duluth


We offer the normal Office/Building cleaning which would include : General cleaning, dusting, wiping down of desks,fixtures, emptying of trash, cleaning of break rooms, kitchens, tables, sinks, appliances, restrooms, toilets, sinks, mirrors, restocking of paper supplies, vacuuming carpeted areas, mopping of tile floors.

We also offer:

  • Carpet cleaning, using either the dry method, (bonnet) or steam extraction
  • Tile Floor Care: Vinyl Tile Composition (VCT) tile , most kitchens and restrooms are this kind of tile. This could be full stripping of the old tile and re waxing the tile, or high speed buffing of the tile when it gets scuffs or scratches, to a scrub and rewax of the tile. We care for the floor by mopping and using a water solution that is formulated for the tile, and care for the tile depending on the traffic amount. We also do ceramic tile and grout floors as well as wood floors.
  • Windows: We also wash windows on single story buildings. If it is a multi story building , we can arrange for the cleaning by companies we have worked for in 25 years of service.
  • Vents: we can clean the vents in your building and can arrange for duct cleaning if needed.
  • Window Tinting/Film : We can also offer window tinting for sunlight, and film protection for safety and un-breakable film for security concerns.

Give us a call to see what we could do to help you eliminate your cleaning worries. We are here to help you get your building clean. We like to think we solve problems and not cause problems.

If we can help you, please give Adonna Atlanta Cleaning a call, for a free consultation at 770.416.1705 or email us at BD30076@YAHOO.COM

Bank Cleaning

Adonna Of Atlanta, Inc.’s professional janitors and custodial technicians are all licensed, bonded, have passed rigorous background checks and are ready to make your bank cleaner than ever before when you give us a call today.

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Commercial Window Cleaning

Scuffed and dirty windows detract from your commercial building’s curb appeal. But to do it properly, you often need special training and equipment. Luckily, our window cleaners have both.

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Green Cleaning

Our green cleaning services are just like our regular cleaning services in that you can expect attention to detail and meticulous work, the only difference is that we will only use products and techniques that won’t damage the environment or fill your home or business with toxic chemicals.

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Medical Office Cleaning

All businesses need to keep their facilities clean because cleanliness projects professionalism. When you neglect to provide your employees and clients with a clean environment, regardless of what industry you’re in, you are hurting your business’s reputation. And in no industry is this more detrimental than healthcare.

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Office Building Cleaning

No matter goes on at your office from 9 to 5, there is no question that cleanliness is essential. A clean office has so many different benefits for employees, clients and your business’s brand as a whole.

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Scheduled Cleaning

Adonna Of Atlanta, Inc. is a full-service cleaning company that can improve the overall cleanliness and comfort of your home or business. We can do this by offering scheduled cleaning services that are among the most thorough and reliable in the area.

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Tile and Grout Cleaning

We have been proud to offer the most comprehensive tile and grout cleaning services that make your home and business presentable again. You may not think about it often but a dirty looking floor can deter clients or disgust guests. Stop making the wrong impression on those important people with Adonna Of Atlanta, Inc.’s help.

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